Consignment Information

Please read the following below and book at the link below
MAX of 20 Items may be brought in at a time.
Items that sell WELL!!
- Sunshirts
- Youth items (English wear and Western wear)
- Pony/ draft items
- Name brands!
- Pads: 5 Star, Best ever, CSI, Fleeceworks and the like....
- 4H and livestock items

Consignment terms are subject to change

Consignment Information

Saddles: 75% / 25%

Tack: 60% / 40% ( bridles/pads/bits…. And the like)

Everything else: 50% / 50% (clothing, Décor, supplies….)

* We have the right to refuse items*- All items need to be clean and freshly laundered, all items need to be wiped down and ready to hit the sales floor. Just because you bring in a bunch of items does not mean we will take it all.

Spend/Gift/ Cash out/ Move your Consignment money.

We hope you spend your money here in the store! But if not you have a few options!

- Leave money on account

- Check- (A $3 processing charge will be deducted from each check, (mailed or written in the store for pick up)

- If requested: consignment checks are cut once a month, towards the end of the month, and are mailed out the month following the request.

- Put money on gift cards!

- Move money to another Consigners account or non-profits account.

- Balances over $300 may be broken up into separate payouts.

PLESE NOTE: For book keeping purposes we are notpaying out with venmo or paypal

-Behind the Barn Consignment will send a check when a saddle sells unless you plan on rolling over money in a saddle in the store. Only 50% of saddle sale may be used with account money (let Staff know)*The consignor is responsible for checking in on account balance can check in on their sales at any time.*

Price Reductions: ****** We do monthly sales based on item collections ex: 15% off bits this month!* (tag sales will revolve for items that have been on the floor for 6 months+) 

**At this time unless contacted items do not expire at store.


General information:

For an updated list of items that we are accepting and NOT accepting follow us on our website.

No Dirty or moldy tack, broken or in need of repair, prescription horse medication, clothing with tears or holes.... We also can choose to use our judgment to not take an item(s).

**Items must be ready to hit the sales floor: wiped down, clean, dry clean or launder before store intake. Think would you buy it the way its coming in * We have the right to refuse items*

The consignor assumes all risks and agrees to bear any and all losses which may result from fire, theft or any other causalities while the merchandise is consigned at Behind the Barn Consignment. The consigner is strongly encouraged to list all items under their insurance policy.

Item Pick up:

If Consignor wants to pick up items they must give 48+ hours notice before item pickup. This allows us time to locate the item(s).

-If Behind the barn Consignment attempts contact 3+ times via phone or email for item/items pick up with no contact or communication. The Consigner forfeits those/that said item.

Social media

Behind the Barn Consignment posts some of our items on social media sites, and our website.

We do not allow consignors to market their own items unless they are sending customers to the store.

If a consignor is found to be marketing their own item on social media, craigslist, ebay, etc. they will be contacted to pick up all items and barred from future consignment.** IF YOU WISH TO SHARE OUR POSTS FEATURING YOUR ITEMS FOR SALE AT OUR STORE PLEASE DO SO THAT WAY**


Saddle Trials and sales

The consignor, upon agreement to this contract, agrees to allow their saddle to go on trials for three business days with serious prospective buyers at the discretion of Behind the Barn Consignment. All saddles are photographed during original intake, and inspected again after being returned from a trial. Prospective buyers sign an agreement to pay for saddle in full if any damages occur during a saddle trial. (No returns for saddles)


By signing this agreement, the consignor acknowledges their acceptance of the above terms. The consignor is also acknowledging that they are the owner of the consigned item(s), and as such has the right to consign the items for sale through

Behind the Barn Consignment.

*** Please Remember we are a small business and human. We do our very best to make needs met and error free***

Please check below

_____ I allow Behind the Barn Consignment to research and price my items.

I, __________________________________ agree to all above consignment terms.

Signature ___________________________________